Video: Feeding Thousands

September 20, 2008

Fast Facts: 9.13.08

September 13, 2008

This is the latest information for the Red Cross Hurricane Ike relief operation. These numbers are current as of September 13 at 8 am:

  • More than 2,000 Red Cross disaster relief workers are already on the ground, and we are moving an additional 1,400 relief workers into the impacted areas
  • Last night more than 20,000 evacuees found safe haven in 155 Red Cross shelters, and we will be opening additional shelters as needed
  • Red Cross has more than one million ready to eat meals ready for distribution
  • More than 120 Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) are on the ground and will begin delivering food, water and bulk supplies; additional ERVs are en-route
  • After the storm passes, more than 25 kitchens will be moving into the impacted area and ramping up to serve up to 500,000 meals per day

Photos: Disaster Operation Center in Washington, DC 9.9.08

September 10, 2008

These photos are available to the media for distribution. Please click the photo for caption and courtesy information.

Gail McGovern leading the daily Disaster Operation Center meeting 9.9.08

Earl Jones Canteening the Disaster Operations Center 9.10.08