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October 15, 2008

Benefit Concert at Billy Bob’s Texas Raises $14,000 for Red Cross Disaster Relief

FORT WORTH, TX (October 14, 2008) – Thousands of fans and supporters of the American Red Cross turned out on Wednesday, October 8, at Billy Bob’s Texas to support the Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund and had some fun in the process. A celebration of KSCS The Big 96.3 Dorsey Gang’s 5,000th show grew into a benefit concert with performances by Lee Ann Womack, Lee Brice, Randy Hauser and Jamey Johnson, and featured Pat Green. Between box office ticket sales, auction items, merchandise sales and cash collections, $14,000 was raised for disaster relief.

Pat Green is a Fort Worth resident and member of the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet. The three-time Grammy nominee was honored by the Red Cross in 2007 with the Crystal Cross award for his service to the organization. He understands the importance of giving back.

“Most of us have family or friends who were impacted by Hurricane Ike, so when the American Red Cross and KSCS asked if I could help, I was happy to jump in and do whatever I could,” Green said.

The American Red Cross has launched a $100 million fundraising campaign nationwide to cover the costs of massive relief efforts in response to a record-setting year of large-scale disasters. With half of hurricane season still left, the need for financial donations is great. The DFW Metroplex served as a temporary home to residents displaced by Hurricane Ike, with thousands of people seeking refuge in area Red Cross shelters.

“When people need help during disasters, they turn to the Red Cross. The Red Cross can always turn to Pat Green for his support of our work. He’s been a great friend to our organization and to those disaster victims who urgently need food, shelter and emotional support. I want to thank Pat for his generous support of the Disaster Relief Fund,” American National Red Cross President and CEO Gail McGovern said.

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October 4, 2008

Red Cross Still Providing Food, Shelter, and Comfort

More than 2,500 Red Cross workers are still on the ground in Texas

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – October 3, 2008 –
The Hurricanes of 2008 have displaced thousands of people and destroyed homes across hundreds of miles in Texas. In addition to the hurricanes that swept through Texas, a record number of disasters beginning early in the year have kept the American Red Cross on the scene of tornadoes, floods, and wildfires.

The Red Cross continues to focus on providing the relief the American people depend on us to provide: a safe place to stay, access to food and water, health and mental health services, and the comfort that victims of disaster need.


  • More than 168,000 overnight stays in 261 shelters
  • The Red Cross has served over six million meals and snacks to those who have been affected by Hurricane Ike
  • More than 5,000 Red Cross workers have provided assistance to the relief operation
  • More than 190 Emergency Response Vehicles continue to support feeding and distribution operations
  • 70,523 clean-up kits and 37,028 comfort kits have been distributed
  • The Red Cross has had more than 19,000 health services contacts and 15,000 mental health contacts

To ensure the Red Cross continues its help for disaster victims, we need your help. We are calling on everyone to support the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund, which allows the Red Cross to provide help whenever and wherever disasters occur. The Disaster Relief Fund allows the Red Cross to assist those in need anywhere in the nation, and ensures that relief comes quickly.

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Video: Hurricane Ike Volunteers Check-in in Dallas – Ft. Worth

September 11, 2008