Release: Fort Worth 10.8.08

American Red Cross Continues to Feed Victims of Hurricane Ike

More than 43,000 meals served in Texas on Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FORT WORTH, TEXAS   October 8, 2008 – Residents of coastal Texas continue to face daunting challenges as they try to rebuild the homes and lives ruined by Hurricane Ike. Thousands of homes deemed uninhabitable will be demolished and residents who will be able to repair and restore their homes must have safety certifications before their houses can be reconnected to electricity. These conditions continue to add to the critical demand for feeding. FACTS AT A GLANCE FOR TEXAS Wednesday, October 08, 2008

  • Last night more than 1,000 people sought comfort in 6 Red Cross shelters.
  • More than 144,000 meals and snacks were served in the last twenty four hours.
  • Food was served at 16 fixed sites, and 65 vehicles provided mobile feeding services.

To ensure the Red Cross continues its help for disaster victims, we need your help. We are calling on everyone to support the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, which allows the Red Cross to provide help whenever and wherever disasters occur. The Disaster Relief Fund allows the Red Cross to assist those in need anywhere in the nation, and ensures that relief comes quickly.

Volunteer and Emergency Response Vehicles

Media Contact:

  • Dianna Van Horn: (202) 716-9397

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