Release: National 9.11.08

American Red Cross Disaster Relief Efforts Receive
Support from the National Football League

WASHINGTON, September 11– The American Red Cross announced today that during this weekend’s games, September 14-15, the National Football League will encourage donations to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The Disaster Relief Fund supports the victims of thousands of disasters across the country each year, disasters like the hurricanes of 2008, and enables the Red Cross to provide disaster victims with shelter, food, counseling and other assistance.

Information on how to support the Red Cross will be provided during on-air broadcasts by the NFL’s network partners, and via in-stadium announcements. The Red Cross will be asking for donations via its Text 2HELPTM Initiative, a cooperative partnership between the Red Cross and the Wireless Foundation. Text 2HELP allows subscribers of participating wireless carriers to donate $5 simply by texting “GIVE” to 24357 (2HELP). The donations appear on customers’ monthly bills or will be debited from prepaid account balances. Standard text messaging rates may apply.

The American Red Cross is responding to a record number of tornadoes this year, the worst flooding in the central US in 15 years, an early wildfire season and is in the midst of responding to and preparing for hurricanes, including Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, which is threatening states along the Gulf Coast. Hurricane Gustav, which made landfall on September 1, is estimated to cost an estimated $40 – $70 million. While the perception is the Gulf Coast dodged a bullet from Hurricane Gustav, the reality is the Red Cross is still on the ground feeding and sheltering those who returned to find their homes damaged or without power. An active hurricane season, coupled with other disasters, has led to a depleted Disaster Relief Fund.

“I would like to thank the National Football League, the teams and players and the other NFL partners for their support of our humanitarian mission,” said Gail McGovern, President and CEO of the American Red Cross. “I would also like to thank football fans across the nation for becoming part of our disaster relief team, who through their generosity are helping our neighbors during their time of need.”

Additional information:

  • This is a national press release. It can also be accessed on
  • For National Media inquiries, please contact 202-303-5551

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